Justice For All

By voluntering, one per son can make al l the difference

The CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE NETWORK is a non-profit organization of ecumenical inter-dominational union of people working together for three common causes.

Get On Your Feet Program Disability Assistance Network The "Get in Your Feet" program promotes the selfsufficiency of the homeless by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. We assist the homeless with various programs to server as a bridge between residence in shelters and independent living by using like skill training, alcohol and substance treatment and financial assistance to graduate to full recovery and independence.

The Disability Assistance program helps the disabled by assisting them with mobility services. We seek out
donation to help raise funds to build wheelchair ramps.
You can help the disabled by helping them build a ramp for a charitable cause

The "Project Second Chance" reaches out to juveniles in detention, providing them with Tutoring & Mentoring to aid and guide them to the right path in the society. Working with kids in juvenile detention centers by providing on-site delivery of legal services, therapies, and mentoring. We offer a jersey for $100, sweatshirt for $75, T-shirt for $50and a cap for $15 as a donation. We also serve as liaison for kids once they get out of the centers by providing services like the apprenticeship program and drug rehabilitation program to continue the mentoring process and break the vicious cycle of imprisonment that exist for these children.

To volunteer your time, please contact me, Jason Rochon to arrange a concerted effort at assisting these kids that are in dire need of out attention as Christians. If your child is currently in detention or has graduated and you want mentoring, please contact me.
We elaborate our commonality by empowering youth by providing leadership skills because each kid counts and they are our future. I have witnessed the loss of kids to the criminal justice system who then become adults caught in a quagmire and end up graduating to a higher level of panel institutionalization. I have spoken with numerous prisoners at facilities like the Angola State Prison, who have encouraged me and prayed with me to help curb this cycle. Join today and for a minimum membership fee of $100, you can be a part of this endeavor to save one kid at a time with one on one involvement and you receive a black band with your membership package. If you want to participate or join this movement or donate to our cause, you can call us at (877) 886-3130 or visit us at www.christianalliacenetwork.org. What we have learnt is that while you can do important things through debating policy, when there’s a human face attached to it...people get it. We are a faith based referral network.